About Volxana International

Welcome to Volxana International, a non-profit organisation helping print and media businesses to dispose of old assets through reuse, recycling and redistribution.

Volxana International was founded in 2009 when the fast paced technology cycle became evident and with it, an organisations need to dispose of used print and media assets in an environmentally sustainable way.

We use a diverse network of companies and contacts to help you achieve this goal, whether by sending items to organisations that still utilise them, recycling them or through sale to specialist companies dealing with less established businesses. Whichever route your old technology takes you can be assured it’s another item that didn’t make it to landfill.

Get Started

SImply email us at reuse@volxana.co.uk to get started.

We need a contact name and number, collection address and approximate number of consumables. Our agents will then be in touch to arrange a dedicated courier to collect your items.